The Magic & Fun Show
1 Hour Performance

What previous customers have to say.....


"Thanks so much Edd for keeping the kids well and truly entertained this afternoon at Max's party. Safe to say everyone had a really great time. Lots of laughs as always. Looking forward to our next Magical Edd experience!"


Emily Buckingham, Norwich




"I think it's fair to say that Ella and her friends were truly mesmerised by the show today - thanks Edd!

P.S. Ella wants to pre-book you for all her other birthdays as well :) "


Chris Holden, Little Plumstead, Norfolk




Edd can provide a show suitable for all age groups, which can be tailored specifically to your special event, should you so wish.


For the party or occasion where the children are aged between 3 - 4yrs old, Edd can perform a complete laugh-a-minute

"Playtime Magic Show" full of Nursery Rhyme/Story-time Magic so that the children are able to understand the over-all performance.

Not forgetting an hilarious and cheeky performance from the highlight of the show...Quackers The Duck!

For the over-all audience of children who are aged 4 yrs & up, Edd is able to provide a much more sophisticated comedy magic show, enough to amaze, amuse and completely astound all of the audience, making them laugh and smile.


Overall, the show involves lots of visual Comedy Magic, Illusion, Puppets, Ventriloquism, and ensures lots of laughter and participation from the children throughout, whether it be shouting out or helping Edd with his magical routines.

Either way the children will be absolutely spellbound!


As the finale to the show, Edd will perform a very special Levitation Illusion with a lucky member from the audience which has got to be seen to be believed!!



















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